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Hot Girl Picture Dump- #4 Thank you people of Greece Edition

The staff here at Bbtn is always looking for reasons to celebrate, hence that fact that we're all raging alcoholics. "Arbor Day, sure let's go out drinking!"

So when we found out that we were one of the most popular websites in all of Greece, 55,152 to be exact, we figured we'd celebrate that fact by giving the degenerates of the Greek islands the smut that they deserve.  And not just any old smut, good old-fashioned American college girls doing what they do best- looking hot and posing for the nearest douchebag with a camera.

So today, to the Greeks I say "Yasoo Malaka!"  I don't know Greek but that's what the waiter who I never tip say's to me every time I walk into the diner.  So it must be a compliment about my clothes or something.
σας ευχαριστούμε φίλοι
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